Welcome to Kids For Christ, International

Kids For Christ, International helps ministries across the globe implement an effective strategy to reach out to the children in their communities who are often forgotten.

Led by Chuck Seevers, KFCI is currently serving in eight countries and is seeking open doors to continue expanding the gospel globally.

A Timeline of Growth

January 1994- Kids for Christ International (KFCI) began in a recreation center in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Christian Church started this ministry as an outreach to help build the Church. The ministry was designed to reach out to children of the inner city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While reaching out to the hearts of the children, we also hoped to bring the Gospel to parents and adults.

October 2002- Thailand KFCI became an International ministry with a branch being started in Pamaidang, Thailand. The ministry was started in a Youth Hostel that houses children who, through parents and other family members, have been given the opportunity to live in a Christian environment while completing their education. Many of the children in the hostel faced being sold into prostitution had they not been brought into this care. Ahtapa Sinlee and his wife, Leah, direct this ministry as well as work very hard doing everything to maintain 68 children. Two KFCI teams go out every Saturday to different villages proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. Many Buddhists have been led to Christ through this ministry and it is having a great impact on the children's schools.

December 2004- Headquarters KFCI moved to St. Louis, Missouri after much prayer and searching for God's direction. The ministry was closed in Philadelphia due to not being able to secure help to continue the work. This decision was one of the hardest we ever had to make. God left us with no doubt that this was His will for continuing the work. St. Louis has five inner city ministries that KFCI will be able to work with. We are now involved with two ministry locations.

January 2005- Myanmar KFCI was started in two locations in Myanmar (Burma). We were able to teach how to start KFCI ministries at Eastern Bible Institute in Yangon. Travel is limited in this country and it is up to the Burmese people to take the Word out. Two students were interested in starting this type of ministry in their prospective areas. One ministry would be started in a village and the other in Yangon, a city of 5 million people.

January 2006- China KFCI launched in China. Due to the political climate, we are not able to give much information about our progress there. We do know that the ministry is growing, but leadership is under persecution.

January 2007- US KFCI started in two new US locations. The Halls Ferry Christian Church chapter meets twice a month under the direction of Angie Pagel. We are currently seeking a director for the monthly KFCI meetings in Baltimore, MD. This ministry works through the Severn Christian Church.

February 2007- Philippines KFCI was started in the Philippines. We are partnering with the International Christian College of Manila. A team of four is selected from the student body to go out monthly to train indigenous leaders in local churches to establish KFCI branches. Currently, there are five locations with one being added each month. ICCM is overseeing the entire endeavor.

September 2009- Liberia, West Africa KFCI started under the direction of Moses Wheigar in the city of Monrovia. Moses contacted us after finding this website. Chuck was able to travel to Monrovia and lead a workshop to train local volunteers in conducting the KFCI program as an outreach.

November 2011- Bangalore, India KFCI got its start through Abraham Eapen. Abraham made all the arrangements on that end and 11 people were trained to conduct KFCI programs. Training was held again in February 2012 and an additional 11 were trained. Rachel Jayvanth has been selected to be the overseer of the Bangalore programs and Abraham and his wife Mercy are over the country.

May 2012- Cumberland, MD KFCI started here under the direction of Leo Lavin and is an outreach ministry of the Winifred Road Church of Christ. Leo is conducting a sidewalk style program with a sizable team from the church.

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