Welcome to Kids For Christ, International

Kids For Christ, International helps ministries across the globe implement an effective strategy to reach out to the children in their communities who are often forgotten.

Led by Chuck Seevers, KFCI is currently serving in eight countries and is seeking open doors to continue expanding the gospel globally.

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We are pleased to add India into the family of the KFCI ministry and welcome Abraham & Mercy Eapen directors of the country. They will officially start working full time with KFCI June 1, 2012. They will be supported financially by previously raised support. The ministry was initiated by Abraham who contacted me through our website in 2011. Since our first communication I have travelled to India twice and trained 22 for work with this ministry. KFCI programs have been held in outreach to every socio-economic group in the city of Bangalore (9 million population) with plans to reach out to as many cities throughout the country. Rachel Jayvanth has been named the overseer of the Bangalore branches.


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