Welcome to Kids For Christ, International

Kids For Christ, International helps ministries across the globe implement an effective strategy to reach out to the children in their communities who are often forgotten.

Led by Chuck Seevers, KFCI is currently serving in eight countries and is seeking open doors to continue expanding the gospel globally.

China            India            Liberia            Myanmar            Philippines            Sri Lanka            Thailand            United States


KFCI is collaborating with the International Christian College of Manila (ICCM). ICCM chooses a team of four students through an application process based on personality, academic standing, commitment, and desire. The team is held accountable through the school and contracts for one year to work with KFCI.

Students are committed to go out every weekend during the school year to work with and train local church leaders to establish KFCI branches. A different church is targeted each month. This creates a full schedule for the students, balancing their time between schoolwork and their involvement with the ministry.
KFCI benefits from ICCM as they are allowed to use their students, while ICCM benefits from KFCI through the provision of school exposure at training locations and the students' hands-on experience of evangelism and training.


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