Welcome to Kids For Christ, International

Kids For Christ, International helps ministries across the globe implement an effective strategy to reach out to the children in their communities who are often forgotten.

Led by Chuck Seevers, KFCI is currently serving in eight countries and is seeking open doors to continue expanding the gospel globally.

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United States

KFCI has been headquartered in Florissant, MO since 2004. We are established in such a way to partner with churches in any state, while maintaining a level of accountability for the direction in which each branch heads. Our desire is to continue to open branches throughout the inner cities of the United States. Currently, branches are meeting in these cities:

Baltimore, MD
KFCI Baltimore is meeting in a section of the city called Brooklyn. Brooklyn is like many of the inner city areas across our nation, faced with blighted neighborhoods, a high crime rate, and drug proliferation. Robb Carter is currently leading this effort at the Brooklyn Community Center.
A team from Severn Christian Church conducts the monthly programs at the Brooklyn Community Center. The growing attendance comes from kids who live within walking distance of the center. Many of them are now picked up to attend worship services at Severn Christian Church. There is hope that a satellite church plant could be started in the Brooklyn community.
St. Louis, MO
Halls Ferry has a unique KFCI program led by Angie Pagel. What makes this program different is that the children are dropped off by parents in order to attend. They are now meeting twice each month.
Cumberland, MD
May 12, 2012 will be the starting date for a sidewalk style KFCI program in this city. Leo Lavin has initiated this start just as he did in 2007 to start the ministry in Baltimore, Maryland. Leo is now the preaching minister with the Winifred Road Church of Christ. He has organized a great team to conduct the program once a month using the KFCI trailer and van that they purchased from us a year ago. We are excited to see this ministry gets started there as well as seeing our old tools getting used again.
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